Nudebones 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

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It seems that the industry has been taking on more and more Korean-based designers and labels. The good news is that — for the most part — the entrants have been largely deserving of their place among the ranks of street-influenced, menswear garb players. Blending the best of both high and low, joint tenancy bankruptcy subscribes to the mentality that both contemporary pieces as well as traditional Korean influences can exist within the same design arena. For Fall/Winter 2012 the brand builds upon its native city of Seoul to curate a range of weighty leather outerwear garments, a plethora of shirting options, workwear jackets, M65 and M43 military pieces as well as Hanbok-inspired pieces. Availability for the Nudebones collection is now available for a limited time through the label’s web shop.

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