OTHERS by Hypebeast: Mixing-Up Styles with DJ DARUMA of CREPEMAN

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Music as an art form has always shown phenomenal signs of having influence over a number of facets in life. Whether it be translated through one’s profession, lifestyle, circle of friends or even fashion, the effects of music are apparent only after one takes the time to reflect upon it. In the lastest viagra bollywood pharmacycolorado dui laws serves as living proof. Having first gained interest in Japan’s hip-hop scene at the age of 15, DARUMA chose dance as his element of choice. Years later, during the emergence of Tokyo’s club culture, DARUMA was introduced to house music — giving birth to his unique sense of style, while shedding light on his talent for combining opposite genres into a singularity — he’s been known to spin hip-hop fused with trance and even used to sport a Mohawk whilst heavy into rap. After catching the attention of streetwear label HECTIC through T-shirt designs he created for his Digital Junkeez dance crew, DARUMA along with his peers went on to form the brand Roc Star. Having felt he needed a fresh start after 11 years at Roc Star — along with a growing sense of apathy towards trends — DARUMA decided it was time to start something new and formed his label CREPEMAN — a brand devoted to creating designs “for tomorrow.”

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