Philly Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Unite

The fashion and beauty community in Philadelphia has just become a little stronger. Two of Philly’s own bloggers, Jessie Holeva of philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer and Lauren Mantilla of have created a brand new fashion and blogger network called “fresno bankruptcy attorney.” The exclusive network premiered last Thursday night for a kickoff bash for local bloggers. Hosted at award-winning Andre Richard Salon on 12th and Locust, Philly’s top fashionable bloggers enjoyed free manicures via doorBella, treats and bites by Cupcakes by Vickie and Opa, social media and branding advice by Bad Rhino Social Media, and even fabulous blowouts by Andre Richard Salon itself. Bloggers even got to leave with FABB-ulous goodie bags with products by DermablendFine FeatherheadsNich boutique, Monroe and MainMidnight Velvet, nail polish by Coterie, Simple Adeline jewelery, and more!

I got to sit down with the co-founders Jessie and Lauren of Philly FABB to get a more inside look at this brand new blogger community! Jessie is a former radio DJ turned fashion aficionado as seen on her hit blog, Trend Hungry. Lauren is a former Southern Belle turned Philly-area makeup artist, popular for her posts on “beauty, fashion, photography, design, and all else artistically gratifying” on The Style Darling. Read more about them and their vision below!

Founders Lauren and Jessie magazine: What is Philly FABB and where did the idea come from?

Jessie Holeva: Philly FABB is an elite and exclusive network for female fashion & beauty bloggers of the Greater Philadelphia Area. We felt Philly needed a community to embrace the fashion and beauty scene of the city, and we wanted to unite and help bloggers grow.

Lauren Mantilla: Jessie and I started Philly FABB to unite FABB bloggers and hone a sense of community within the fashion and beauty circles of Philadelphia. Our main goal is to create a voice for Philadelphia fashion and beauty through our network of bloggers. magazine: What makes a good fashion and beauty blogger here in Philly?

J.H.: We picked our FABB girls for a number of reasons. Do they blog often? Do they cover local events? Do they have that special quality you can’t put your finger on, but it keeps you coming back? So much makes up a good blogger, but we ultimately want to collaborate bloggers that want to learn, grow and genuinely love blogging.

L.M.: I believe what makes a good fashion and beauty blogger is their authenticity. Readers, especially in Philly, can tell when you aren’t being real and that will turn people off. Another huge factor is your originality, Philadelphia has its own unique culture which is unlike anywhere else and we love that each Philly FABB member represents a part of that special culture. magazine: Where do you foresee Philly going within the blogosphere? What are your hopes for Philly Fabb?

J.H.: We see Philly on the map in a big way! You don’t have to live in NYC to be a top blogger or to get a taste of the fashion scene. Philly has a lot to offer and the more united we are, the more our voices can be heard. We hope to help our FABB ladies grow as bloggers. We want to provide education, insider access to blogworthy events, and we want Philly FABB to facilitate rewarding relationships that can benefit bloggers and also our local fashion & beauty community.

L.M.: Philadelphia is just beginning to see the bloggersphere opening up and we believe Philly FABB will be instrumental in furthering the exposure of fashion and beauty bloggers in the city. We hope that by individually supporting the voices of Philadelphia bloggers we, in turn, strengthen the collective voice of Philadelphia’s fashion and beauty community.

For more information on the Philly FABB, please visit their site above or Like their Facebook page here. Keep an eye out for these FABB ladies here in Philadelphia!

PhillyFabbBash - Andre Richard Salon
PhillyFabbBash - Bad Rhino Social Media
PhillyFabbBash - Bad Rhino Social Media 2
PhillyFabbBash - Bloggers
PhillyFabbBash - Blowout
PhillyFabbBash - Blowout Bar
PhillyFabbBash - Blowout2
PhillyFabbBash - Blowout3
PhillyFabbBash - Cupcakes
PhillyFabbBash - doorBella Manicure
PhillyFabbBash - doorBella Nail Styles
PhillyFabbBash - doorBella Nails
PhillyFabbBash - Eyeshadow
PhillyFabbBash - Foundation
Founders Lauren and Jessie
PhillyFabbBash - Makeup Brushes
PhillyFabbBash - Simple Adeline
PhillyFabbBash - Simple Adeline2
PhillyFabbBash - Snacks

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