Playing Cards that Feature Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

For card players and collectors tiring of the usual deck, this snazzy set should perk up the game. Fresh from the design innovators at owe back tax, these colorful illustrated poker cards commemorate some beloved and familiar icons from the world of entertainment, art, music and fashion in a minimalist and pop art style. The Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and Fashion suits showcase slightly abstract portraits including those of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, Karl Lagerfeld, Rihanna, etc. The Pop–or Diamond suit–for instance uses David Bowie for its Jack, Lady Gaga for its Queen and Michael Jackson for its King, zombifying one of the double images on the late King of Pop’s card for added symbolism. Cheekily, the Beatles make the four stars on the Joker cards. This Mr. and Mrs. Who? project was accomplished collaboratively with leading Italian game manufacturer cialis questions.

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