Splitters Creek House by Nest Architects

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Located in New South Wales on a hillside just north of the Victorian border in Australia is the newly constructed Splitters Creek House by Nest Architects. Opting for a family home of overlapping spaces, the 333 square meter dwelling is built on a 36,000 square meter site and features a floor plan of four interlocking split-levels with a master suite and guest bedrooms on the first floor; entry, living and kitchen spaces on the following two levels and three additional bedrooms on the top floor. Dominated by timber construction and acrylic storage spaces, the modern design of the Splitters Creek House also incorporates the likes of an internal courtyard, a children’s play room, an outdoor pool and a combination of large, expansive views in the main living areas alongside more intimate and private views from those of the bedrooms and master suite.

Source: http://uristocrat.com/tag/aime/


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