Steady “Subway” Zine Premiere

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Bi-monthly publication kicks off its inaugural issue with a tangible production entitled “Subway.” Founded by Brian Kelley, Dan Zvereff and Justin Hogan, the premiere issue is a raw study of the innards of the century-old New York City transit system. The magazine’s introduction explains: “NYC is one of the few places in the world where the majority of people commute via subway. Every corner of the city is linked by a vascular network of subterranean tunnels – where everyday 3.5 million riders from all walks of life travel from one destination to another – bumping into each other along the way and sharing an experience for a few brief minutes.” The issue is divided into three sections with an accompanying image to evoke a similar response from the reader. The premiere issue of Steady will be available for free starting December 7 via their website as well as at stockists including 21Mercer, Blades, BLK, DQM and more.

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