Straight Line Designs Custom Furniture

In the world of interior design, the role furniture plays is an often overlooked yet crucial element to the feel and personality of any architectural space. Owned by Judson Beaumont, Vancouver-based Straight Line Designs specializes in quirky, surreal designs that border on the bizarre, creating the building blocks of dream-like worlds in the process. The furniture in Beaumont’s universe sometimes take on the shapes of animals –  the dog-like “Bad Table,’ for instance, or accordion-like tables that resemble bulls — while other pieces are layered and peeled, adding elements of humor and thought into everyday fixtures. In addition to their custom furniture designs, the creative workshop is also involved with installations, sculptures and private commissions, all with the intent of  building “more inspiring environments for hospitals, airports, day care centers, play areas, and clients’ homes.” Despite their breadth of work however, the designs of Beaumont and his crew of craftspeople hew closely to a guiding set of principles — an aversion to anything mass produced, along with a focus on quality, individuality and limitless ideas. Browse samples of Straight Line Designs’ work here and head to the company’s ddmg bankruptcy for more information.

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