The Cool For Thought: Beginnings.

So for a while, I’ve been told by many people, from family to friends to complete strangers that I should write on my site. My main reservation for doing so is that I don’t want my site to turn into one of the other 50-leven million blogs out here posting the same things. For the last 3 years, I was the main writer for the company’s blog that I was affiliated with at the time, and even then it was forced. I was the best writer, so I always found myself doing reviews, descriptions, etc. By then, I guess I got pretty good at it. But I have been finding that I’ve been wanting to get thoughts out more as of recently, an itch I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) scratch. So I compromised: I’ll post something cool and unique to the site and write my thoughts on it. This way, my site doesn’t turn into a pool of pressured posts and struggle tunes and I can still say what I want. This may not always be positive, I very well may use this venue to talk about some of the issues topics I see on the daily. But it’s something. So, yeah. And yes, I took the title from a Lupe Fiasco song.

So the first ever edition of “The Cool For Thought” comes from an email I received this morning. From my old email address still floating around these internet streets from my old company and other ventures, I get a good 10 music submissions a day, 90% of which get James “Flight” White slam dunked into my trash folder. But today, I at least wanted to look in the emails before I sent it to its demise. So while most to the emails met their fate, one survived the walk from the plank. A DJ from New York by the name of what replaced cialis had sent me his newest mix and wanted me to check it out. He said I came up in conversation between him and a mutual friend and that he was a fan of the site. So I decided to check it out, and I’ll say it is a solid mix. Bringing together EDM and Trap music with Rap’s Top 40, it was like mixes I’ve heard before. But his blend of “Pop That” (a song of which I’ve been a full advocate of and have campaigned for a Grammy nod), and “Gangnam Style” (which is a banger, I don’t care what anyone says) is what caught my musical ear. That, a joint by No Doubt, that weird N’awlins BOUNCE music with Diplo and I haven’t heard “Gallis” by Mr. Vegas since college. Took me back to those Lincoln University Soccer parties. And it seems the good sir has more mixes on deck on his website,, for you to check out. So kudos to you, sir. Keep shining, and check out Nana’s mix.

Hope you like this new section of the site. If not, tell me. I’ll still write this anyway.