The Mishka Holiday 2012 Lookbook Teaser Video

The Holidays are just around the corner and with them comes the Mishka Holiday 2012 collection, full to the brim with everything you need for the winter months. As always, Mishka has put together a teaser video anticipating the shots you’ll see in the Lookbook, this time featuring some of NYC’s best rising artists. In this video from Wilfredo Suarez, you’ll see artists like Le1f, Pictureplane, Bodega Bamz, Kitty Pryde, and more – all decked out in Mishka Holiday 2012.

Eyeballs roasting on an open fire. Death Adder nipping at your nose. Rap songs being sung by a sentient triangle, and folks dressed up like Cyco Simon. Everybody knows: it’s almost time for Мишка’s Holiday Collection. Yes friends, the Holiday Collection is just around the corner, and it’s a doozy. Everything you could want, from sweatshirts and jackets (including those of the puffy variety), scarves, beanies, shirts, and more. As always it’s coming with a Lookbook, and also as always we’ve put together a little teaser video to give you a taste.

While we were off shooting in other cities for recent Lookbooks, the music scene in NYC has more or less exploded, so it made perfect sense to return to our home zone for Holiday 2012. This thing is jam-packed with great new artists, so much so we’re getting giddy just thinking about it. We’ve got payday loans new bedford ma natural cialis PrydeHot SugarThe Death SetRoxy CottontailLe1fDre SkullSlavaCities AvivDark SisterBaauerMykki BlancoAG Da CoronerMeyhem Lauren,Starkey, and World’s Fair, all shot by our friend Brook Bobbins. This video was shot and edited by Wilfredo Suarez, and features music from Aaron Cohen (“So What”) and World’s Fair’s Prince Samo (“Gogirra”).