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To say that Instagram has changed the traditional photography model would be quite an understatement. Despite having become somewhat diluted as of late, the large majority of the early Instagram users functioned as a tight-knit community that virtually defined the identity of the then newly minted mobile platform. Chicago-based qualifications for bankruptcy chapter 7 is a strong testament to the strength of the App. The self-taught photographer began using an iPhone 4 over a year ago to visually explore the cityscape of his native Windy City. Inspired by the creativity from the likes of 13thwitness, trashhand has since gone on to amass an incredible following in excess of 150,000 followers and he has also been interviewed by Instagram, featured in the Huffington Post and he continues to do work with Nike. For his part in our THROUGH THE LENS feature, trashhand worked with his Canon 5D Mark III and a 24mm and 35mm f/1.4 lens. Cruise the set above and keep up with trashhand through his Instagram and Tumblr.

A picture is worth a thousand words — at least that’s how the old saying goes. Our latest feature THROUGH THE LENS aims to see the world through the lens of various creatives. Be it a professional photographer, a blogger, a creative director or just a fashion designer who happens to have an affinity for taking pictures, each photo set offers a glimpse into the frame of those individuals who have captured a very unique moment in time. In place of textual interviews or written pieces, THROUGH THE LENS is a visual interpretation and platform for those who have a story to tell. A picture’s worth a thousand words? Enjoy the read.

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