Zola Jesus – Diamonds (Rihanna Cover)


Last week, sdsu dui dropped off the http://uristocrat.com/2013/05/stussy-wildlife-button-up-shirt/ for her latest single, “Diamonds”. She generic cialis does it employment over the weekend, too. As the track continues to become more popular and climb up the charts, the countless cover versions are sure to keep pouring in. But we’ve received one now that comes as a bit of a surprise. Zola Jesus is best known for her haunting vocals over dark, industrial production, so we wouldn’t have expected her to take on a pop song like “Diamonds.” But, she did. And although she’s a bit out of her element on this, it’s always nice to see artists step outside of their box to try something new, especially when they do it for their fans. Click below to listen to Zola’s “small thank you” to her supporters in the form of this cover of “Diamonds.”