Мишка x RoboCop Capsule Collection

In 1987, RoboCop was unleashed upon the world.  He was an indestructible, undead, cyborg cop; protecting the citizens of Old Detroit from an army of violent criminals. He was equipped with a gun that came out of his leg. He looked like a racing bike and a tank had a baby in the shape of a man. He urged the youth to stay off drugs. He was the most feared person in the worst city and he ate baby food. RoboCop was, rather is, awesome.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the release of RoboCop, board viagra vs cialis  collaborated with MGM & Orion Pictures for the dui on record. This series of shirts, hats and jackets are emblazoned with images of everyone’s favorite robot cop with a heart of gold and a tendency to shoot off limbs. There’s classic images of RoboCop, a throwback comic interpretation by L’Amour Supreme and slick OCP logo shirts for everyone that likes to keep their corporations evil and monolithic. Somebody’s gotta root for the bad guy.

RoboCop was a celebration of classic values—he’s basically a western sheriff—wrapped in slick futurism with a giant gun. He’s the cop everyone wishes they had patrolling their neighborhood. Part man, part machine, all awesome. I’d buy that for a dollar.

The RoboCop Capsule collection is available at Mishka stores and dui penalties in nebraska now. Read More on cialis in us.