10 Things You Should Know About the Air Jordan XX8

There were a ton of fun facts that were relayed to the media during yesterday’s launch event of the Air Jordan XX8. Between president of Jordan Brand, Larry Miller, and co-designers Tinker Hatfield and Josh Heard, jewels about the XX8 were dropped consistently in regards to the creative process, the actual design and aesthetics. After learning a lot ourselves in the past 24 hours, we’re here to share with you the 10 Things You Should Know About the Air Jordan XX8.

10. Besides The Air Jordan XX3, The XX8 Was The Most Difficult Air Jordan To Create.

Air Jordan XX8

Everything that looks simple to us is not always, well, simple. We only get to see the finished product. “In terms of difficulty, it ranks up there with the Air Jordan XX3, which was, at the time, difficult because of its TPU that had to be pieced together without wasting a lot of material,” said Tinker Hatfield, co-designer of the XX8. “The Air Jordan XX8 is made with materials that people usually don’t associate with basketball.”

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