A Glowing Skateboard and Helicopter Cams Combine to Create FIREFLY

FIREFLY is a skateboard video unlike most. Low on tricks and heavy on atmosphere, the video uses both a glowing skateboard and cameras mounted on remote-controlled helicopters to accomplish extreme wide shots of a city at night. The tiny lone skater drifting through deserted city backdrops gives off a calming almost ethereal quality, but combined with the percussive electro-orchestral soundtrack, keeps the viewer engaged and with eyes focused on the titular FIREFLY.

The video was directed by Jan Minol of Czech-based Samadhi Production with the drone cameras coming courtesy of JamCopters, also based in the Czech Republic.

For those who are familiar with how most Hollywood movies accomplish similar epic shots with significantly more expensive and cumbersome crane setups or worse, actual helicopters, the use of remote controlled helicopters grants independent filmmakers a greater and more affordable creative freedom. You can see the making of the video generic viagra ratings.

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