Akomplice x XLARGE “Monkey Wrench Gang” Collection

Evolutionary Californian street brand Akomplice gangs up with Japanese streetwear pioneers XLARGE in a festive celebration of misbehavior and civil unrest. The collaborative capsule collection takes its cues from Edward Abbey’s 1975 novel “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” giving voice to the book’s main concerns: environmentalism and anarchism. Exacting an aggressive preservation of nature, the Monkey Wrench Gang stakes out the land guerilla-style looking for opportunity to stick it to the Man. The release dresses you up for the fight, including a solid military-styled jacket, knit crews, pocket tees, button-ups, gloves, a balaclava, an actual monkey wrench and a Moleskine–for recording your escapades? The collection is expected to drop soon at stockists, as well as at the Akomplice and X-Large online stores. You can also take part in the resistance–join The Monkey Wrench Gang.

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