Baldwin Denim The Henley Classic Slim Fit Jeans

There is no shortage of denim in our office. Every week, we received a variety of new jean samples with the request to try and wear. But most denim is personal: understanding the cut that works best for your body type is the key to a proper look and fit. For myself, it comes down to the leg opening width and the roominess in the thigh. My tastes tend to stick to the Japanese makers that have done me right over the years, but the domestic American-made market is starting to modernize away from those roomy heritage cuts.

Back in August, the folks at nudged me to give their American-made denim a wear run. From the samples they sent, I settled into a pair of their classic slim fit Henley model; a pair of jeans that I have literally worn day in and day out since receiving them. From the leg opening to the spacious thigh, the Baldwin Henley has worked for me. Produced in California from 14oz Japanese Nihon Menpu selvedge denim, the Henley is a fit that I should have tried sooner. While it may not be the last pair of denim jeans that I buy, they certainly are some of the best fit American produced denim I have worn in some time.

But as we said, denim is personal. Size yourself into a variety of denim before settling into one pair. Visit your local denim retailers and find a pair that works best for you. While the Baldwin Henley works for me, another pair may work best for you.

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