Bob Sheard on Brand Authority and Substance – Part 2

Following personal loans interest rates in sbi, cialis hypnosis continues with his exploration of what brand authority and substance mean to him as part of an editorial feature for zero tolerance dui. Discussing the importance of first hand experience when trying to “walk a mile in another man’s shoes,” a literal example includes Sheard and team running the North Pole marathon in order to get into the mind and soul of a consumer-based project. Furthermore, his business relationship with Nike ACG was strengthened due in large part to living in the mountains for six months as well as insisting that his creative director hitchhike back to UK from the Alps with only £30 GBP (approximately $USD) in his pocket. For enthusiasts of both brand identity and risqué behavior, head over viagra beef to read the editorial in its entirety.

At FreshBritain it is vital for us to get deep into the psyche of a brand. Without experiencing that first hand it can be difficult to get a genuine handle on what makes them tick. That old saying about having to walk a mile in another mans shoes before you can judge him is true here. In the case of UVU though, walking a mile didn’t quite cover it. Bob Sheard explains why:

“Working with UVU we ran the North Pole marathon. Our team ran across the jungle, we pounded the desert and this then culminated in running the North Pole marathon. You don’t just turn up with your trainers for something like that. It was hard but it was all a vital part of the immersion process. It meant training for six months, running in mud, running in sand, fog and snow. It meant getting up at 2am because that is when it is coldest and running at 50km runs with sleep deprivation prepared us for the North Pole marathon. Only then could we truly get into the mind and soul of the UVU consumer.”

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