Bodie Stroud Re-imagines a Stunning 1969 Mustang

Originally introduced in 1969 to compete with Chevrolet’s V8 Camaro, the Boss is a high performance variant of Ford’s mainstay model. Recognized as one of the most sought after American muscle cars, the rarest iteration comes in the form of the aluminum 494 – a model designed specifically for pensacola dui attorney‘s Can Am series race car – as only 10 were made. Fixated on merging classical design with modern-day technology, hot rod fabricator redesigns the Mustang Boss 494 for the SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas. With 777 horsepower under its hood, this remake transforms from a unibody to body-on-frame layout for better handling and resembles early funny cars with its chopped and lowered construction. The above 5-minute video installation follows Stroud on his design process from sampling to Andretti signing the finished motor.

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