Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon: “I Still Hate The Grammys”

Although mixing viagra with alcohol cialis levitra took home several at this year’s ceremony back in February, the band’s frontman Justin Vernon has gone on to voice his previously expressed negative feelings toward award show. Following a string of tweets from Grizzly Bear‘s Ed Droste, who felt snubbed at yesterday’s Grammy nominations, Iver reached out through the social media network with some words of encouragement. You can check out how the full situation as it unfolded through the tweets down below.




Justin Vernon, using his Blobtower Twitter handle then replied in confusion, to which the two musicians then carried on the following conversation:






Droste would later go on to express that his initial tweets were of a playful manner, but clearly Vernon’s words were most sincere. Do you share similar feelings? Feel any other artists were snubbed at this year’s Grammys? Let us know your thoughts down below.