Daft Punk to Headline Coachella 2013?

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We’ve learned to take any news regarding the French bionic producers with a pinch of salt. Having previously been rumored to play hoax concerts, involved scandals regarding a fake track leak to their 2010 album Tron Legacy, followed by the supposed “new single” due this summer which never dropped, one must be all the more cautious when a topic such as “Daft Punk to headline at Coachella 2013” is put forward.

Mixmag bankruptcy chattanooga that subscribers to despre viagra generic were sent an email update listing levitra express –alongside The Rolling Stones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Phoneix- as performers at http://uristocrat.com/bankruptcy-el-paso/. Although, Songkick has since removed this news apologizing in saying this as “unconfirmed information that was added in error,” Mixmag also reports that a Rolling Stones app gave out similar information earlier this week which could suggest this dispatch to be more than just a minor typing error. Daft Punk last performed at Coachella in 2006, stay posted to see if these rumor unveil.