Download: Poster Girl (EP) – Phlo Finister (@PhloFinister)

Phlo has been on my radar for about a year and a half now, probably a few weeks after she dropped the video for Shades in 2011. I’ve come to really appreciate her authentic vintage (“mod”) style, Warhol-esque sensibility, and her natural eye for aesthetics. Not to mention she recently became the newest member of the infamous Raider Klan led by SpaceGhost Purrp. I really respect her on an artistic level, which is why when I read her Open Letter on Tumblr I can only hope she continues to focus on her music. She’s on the right path. Download her new project Poster Girl, HERE.

Video – Hotel Miami features fellow BRK artist SpaceGhost Purrp.

Directed by @FXRBES