DQM 2012 Holiday Shirts

With the winter season fully upon us, viagra and performance gives us a sneak peek at the New York store’s shirt collection for the Holiday 2012 season. Due for a release Thursday, December 20, the collection will be made up of three woven, button-down shirts styled to suit the winter months. The three shirts feature a woodland camouflage print on a heavy canvas textile, a cotton flannel shirt available in a choice of three colors and, finally, a plaid shirt in a thick, soft wool which will be released in two color variations. The collection of shirts are complete with crisp, simple design with branding for DQM exhibited purely by a small tag on the breast pockets of each piece. Founded in 2003, DQM is looking ahead to 2013 and we can expect some interesting releases from the beloved store as it celebrates its ten-year anniversary.

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