Essentials: Will Robson-Scott

This issue of Essentials focuses on London born photographer and filmmaker Will Robson-Scott. Since bursting onto the scene with 2009’s critically acclaimed Crack & Shine, a book based around the world of illegal graffiti artists in London; Robson-Scott has continued to use his work to shine a light on the fringes of society. His success lead to Crack & Shine International in 2011, which took the premise of the first release and applied it to a worldwide stage, showcasing the subculture of graffiti art in some of the worlds most famous cities. Over the course of his career Robson-Scott has worked with names such as The Independent, Vice Magazine, Time Out (LDN/NYC), Ministry of Sound and Esquire (UK/RU). His latest work is the second video season of Crack & Shine, developed for Vans OTW video channel and focuses its content on cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Detroit and Copenhagen and their respected communities of graffiti art.

Featured among Will Robson-Scott’s choice of Essesntials is an expected plethora of photography equipment such as a Contax G2, Olympus MJU and a Mamiya 7. The collection also includes travel fundamentals for Robson-Scott such as his passport, London tube map, bank card and metro tickets along with a copy of the Crack & Shine International book to make those long journeys more interesting.