Essentials: Youssef Metwali of Grind London

consumer credit counseling for bankruptcy met up with; Co-founder and head of design at viagra from doctors in melbourne, to discuss his most valued and prized possessions. UK streetwear brand Grind London was established in 2008 by Metwali and Barny Burton to offer a more simplistic approach to streetwear design based around a cocktail of nostalgia, US brashness and UK cynicism. The brand releases small collections of items based around a theme or concept and has already built a large following both in the UK and abroad. Metwali has held many positions within the Grind London machine since its conception in order to increase business and build the brand to new heights and now focuses on developing the brand and product design.

Among Metwali’s Essentials we find technological must-haves including a Macbook Pro and Blackberry Bold along with fundamentals such as a note pad with a HB2 pencil, a vintage Jansport backpack and Metwali’s British passport for his travels between the UK and Asia.

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