Extra Butter x Con Template Post Apocalypse Holiday Recap Video!

Last Saturday we easily had one of my favorite events of all time here at the shop. Our Post Apocalypse Holiday event was not only good for the fact that we were all alive, and not eaten up by rabid zombies, but we had wonderful performances from a bunch of talented musicians, AND collected a ton of toys and goods that were donated to federal tax due just in time for children to get some goodies for the holiday!! Oh and if you missed it…mostly everyone at the event and their beautiful faces were posed oh-so perfectly with Santa Steve — cialis reasons that were posted last week.

If you missed it or just wanted to relive the event like we have been all week, we’ve got a little video recap below that gives a little taste of what went down. I have to take this time to again thank everyone (on behalf of all of us at EB) that came down for their support and donations, and of course all of the artists shown below (including Quan & MVP) – not shown in video) for their great spirits and very memorable performances!

online supplies viagra from Extra Butter on Vimeo.

Check back here for more videos and other media from this event later in the week!