Flaming Lips to Release Film From “Freak Night” Concert

Flaming Lips to Release Film From "Freak Night" Concert

http://uristocrat.com/bankruptcy-lawyers-nc/ are putting out a film that documents the madness of their free-for-all “Freak Night” concert that took place at the Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre this year. “More freaky shit from Freak Night!!!,” Wayne Coyne http://uristocrat.com/author/admin/page/242/, and linked to http://uristocrat.com/2014/03/hgr-compound-classic-bronx-nyc-recap/img_1792/. He also said it’ll be out this week.

The Flaming Lips-affiliated creative company how do i file for chapter 7 bankruptcy has posted this five-minute sneak peak of what exactly Freak Night entails. Which is: lots of crazed Flaming Lips fans in costumes, facepaint, Wayne Coyne in a giant bubble, a naked woman in a different giant bubble, et cetera.