Hypebeast Eats… The Dillinger Burger by Gangster Burger

Although the burger has become universally embraced across many cultures — and all for good reason — the Dillinger Burger by online cash advance companies is definitely one not to be overlooked. Aside from your common list of burger ingredients, what sets the Dillinger aside is its spicy ‘Gangster Goo’ ketchup and in-house seasoning that gives it its viciously fiery edge, hence its name. Adding bacon strips on top of 60z of Canadian free range beef with fresh vegetables, Dill Havarti cheese, Chipotle mayonnaise and Spanish onions, all packed between two poppy seed egg buns and served with cut and fried Yukon Gold potatoes, the Dillinger burger won’t be making any escapes from the menu.

  1. 01 Sliced plum tomatoes
  2. 02 Chopped Spanish onions
  3. 03 Bacon strips
  4. 04 In house seasoning mix
  5. 05 Poppy seed egg bun
  6. 06 6oz Canadian free range beef patty
  7. 07 “Gangster Goo” Spicy ketchup
  8. 08 Chipotle mayonnaise
  9. 09 Romaine lettuce
  10. 10 Dill Havarti cheese slice
Step 1
Ingredients left to right: sliced plum tomatoes, chopped Spanish onions, bacon strips, in house seasoning mix, poppy seed egg bun, 6oz Canadian free range beef patty, “Gangster Goo” spicy ketchup, Chipotle mayonnaise, Romaine lettuce, Dill Havarti cheese slice.
Step 2
Season chopped onions with in house mix and caramelize until translucent.
Step 3
Simultaneously place 6oz hand made beef patty onto grill.
Step 4
Place steak weight on to patty for a good crush.
Step 5
Toast poppy seed egg bun on grill and toss onions.
Step 6
Place bacon on to grill.
Step 7
Flip patty after 3 minutes, sprinkle in house seasoning mix, and place steak weight back onto the patty.
Step 8
Once bacon is crispy, layer on to patty, and place caramelized onions on top.
Step 9
Lay Dill Havarti cheese on top.
Step 10
Pour water onto grill and place steam bowl over the Dillinger patty to melt cheese.
Step 11
Remove poppy seed egg bun and Dillinger Patty from grill.
Step 12
Garnish egg bun with Chipotle mayonnaise, Romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and “Gangster Goo”.
Step 13
Place Dillinger patty on to bun.
Step 14
Cut Yukon Gold potatoes in French fry cutter.
Step 15
Deep fry fries until golden brown.
Step 16
Toss fries with in house seasoning mix.
Step 17
Serve the Dillinger and fries with “Gangster Goo”.