HYPETRAK Premiere: Silver Medallion – Drunk Dial Princess (Produced by DJ Fresh Direct)


Here’s a new visual offering from the lively Silver Medallion who prepares us with a new video for “Drunk Dial Princess.” The high-energy ensemble serves as the teaser to the upcoming Xanaxland project due out this Wednesday, December 12, 2012. A lot of wild things taken place, but we’ll let things that work like viagra explain to you in his own words on how the concept came about:

There comes a time in every club girl’s life when her phone only rings after 2am and she realizes she hasn’t gone in a date during the daytime in weeks. All her friends are other girls seated at the promoter dinner fighting over appetizers, waiting for their walk-in at whatever hotspot the latest starlet made the news at. She and her neighbor at the table compare fake IDs, and they debate the most endearing way to ask their fathers to raise their allowance. At least she doesn’t live in a hallway separated by sheets like the models, but this isn’t exactly Sex In The City either. Some fall further down the rabbit hole, some crawl their way out, either way they eventually meet Silver Medallion or DJ Fresh Direct on their way and phone numbers are exchanged. This is the cycle of the Drunk Dial Princess.