HYPETRAK TV: Waka Flocka Flame – Ultimate Good Time

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It’s been a big 2012 for Brick Squad’s head honcho http://uristocrat.com/king-county-dui/, from releasing his sophomore album Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family, to continuing to dominate dance floors far and wide with big hitters such as “Round of Applause” and “Rooster In My Rari,” to the continued growth of his Brick Squad movement. genuine viagra free shipping caught up with the ATL rapper backstage at his London show to discuss tour life, his favorite moments of 2012, if he had a contingency plan for 12/21, and how he’d react if faced with an elephant-sized eagle. Watch the full interview above and Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family is available now on http://uristocrat.com/2012/04/big-k-r-i-t-sideline/.