Indoek Nogal Wax Kit

Boutique surf-centric staple dui arrests 2012 takes pride in celebrating independent wave-riding culture. The Brooklyn via Venice imprint’s latest offering comes in the form of an attractive limited edition pocket-size wax kit, a collaborative piece with New York creative designer Todd St. John. Paying attention to design, practicality and environmentally friendly attributes, the Indoek Nogal Wax Kit is a trendy essential for any wave conquerors with a sense of style. The unique design takes a chapter out of surfboard shaping planes, while the container measures 2.75 inches across fitting most circular wax molds. The comb tines on the bottom edge and scraper are detachable from the lid, which is held together by two magnets. Focusing on sustainability and anti-deforestation values, the kit is crafted with fallen Nicaraguan Nogal trees, forming a smooth surface which blends well with wax scraps to cause minimal mess. This special wax kit is available for $95 from Indoek’s car financing after bankruptcy.



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