Jay-z “American Gangster” – The 9th Wonder Remix

http://uristocrat.com/2009/12/wale-thank-you-freestyle/ releases his remix to http://uristocrat.com/category/jobs/page/25/ 2007 album, American Gangster. 9th Wonder even had fans design the cover the album which can be seen above. Honestly, the reaction to the album is not as I would expect. If this was 2005, I Think we would have al been clamoring for this remix album but it looks like Hip Hop fans are tired of unmixed projects coming from 9th. Or maybe we are all waiting for the Streets Disciple remix album and don’t want anything else.

I wanted Black American Gangster to sound like a 70′s soundtrack, or to sound like a bunch of 70s groups came through and rocked with Jay…Therefore…I put “featuring” on a lot of the jams…..hope yall enjoy #BlackAmericanGangster

— 9th Wonder

Download the album below:

1.Pray(for Me)
2.American Dreamin’
3.Hello Brooklyn(Still Politics ft. Lil’ Wayne & The Stylistics)
4.No Hook ft. Curtis Mayfield
5.Sweet ft. The Love Unlimited Orchestra
6.I Know (What You Like) ft. Pharrell & The Jackson 5
7.Party Life ft. Kool & The Gang
8.Ignorant Sh*t ft. Beanie Sigel
9.Say Hello ft. Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orchestra
10.Success ft. Nas
12.Blue Magic ft. Curtis Mayfield
13.Black American Gangster

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