Laser Background Wants You to Celebrate the End of the World at Johnny Brenda’s 12/21/2012

Philly’s own Laser Background never ceases to keep things colorful. The project is 100% the brainchild of Andy Molholt, a local who has spent the past five or six years performing with various bands such at the Armchairs and Norwegian Arms.

His band will be performing this Friday on the very day of the Mayan Apocalypse 12/21/2012 at Johnny Brenda’s for an official APOCALYPSE PARTY (I feel like that deserves all caps). Norwegian Arms, Pattern is Movement, and Night Panther will also grace the stage. Local favorite Little Baby’s ice cream will introduce an apocalypse flavored ice cream at the event, too! Music, ice cream, dancing! This sounds like the most ballin’ way to embrace a hypothetical end of the world ever.  Doors at 8pm, tickets are $10. For further information, see bottom of the article.

Molholt began playing violin as a child but eventually began playing with other instruments. This is his first attempt at starting a music project of his own. While Andy has a full band on stage during concert performances, each song that Laser Background plays is performed and written by Molholt himself.

The style of Laser Background is like video game music meeting psych pop and a little something extra that can’t be categorized. It’s fun and happy feeling with just the right amount of weird. I think one of the best things you can do to get a good grasp of the music is by watching this video right here.

“I write, play, and record every instrument in the studio except drums because I don’t really know how to play them,” Molholt said. “I have my friend Michael Chadwick from The Armchairs help me out with the drums, but other than that it’s all stuff I produce.”

Molholt has said that he has enjoyed being a part of bands that do everything in a collaborative manner, but this project is something that he’d rather keep for himself.

The way things work is Molholt will write and record the parts then introduce them to his band members.

“It’s a huge privilege being able to work with such amazing musicians; every person who plays does such a great job,” Molholt said. “Everyone plays things with their own spin to it, of course.”

“I’m not coming at this from a jaded perspective at all, but I really can’t explain how freeing it feels to be in control of things. Not in a control freak way or anything, but it’s just a project I like doing on my own; I know it’s something that’ll last me 20 years. There are some awesome bands that do things in a 100% collaborative way, like Grizzly Bear who does everything in a completely democratic way. I’ve been in bands like that and I don’t mind continuing to be a part of that in the future. It’s always fun to play different kinds of music with different musicians.”

Molholt grew up in the suburbs of Philly and has made quite a niche for himself playing music over the years.

“It’s all I enjoy doing; the only time I’m really having fun is playing music,” he said. “A lot of my friends ask me about what’s fun to do in the city and I’m like, I don’t know. I just like doing the music thing.”

Laser Background has released one EP so far.  More music is definitely in the works for the future. Check out viagra daily permanent to give ‘em a listen.

Be sure to come check them out this Friday at Johnny Brenda’s. levitra vs cialis vs viagra health.