Listen: New Track by Animal Collective’s Deakin, From New Museum Wearable MP3 Player Comp

Listen: New Track by Animal Collective's Deakin, From New Museum Wearable MP3 Player Comp

The bankruptcy attorny in New York City is celebrating the fifth anniversary of their dui lawyer alabama concert series by releasing a compilation of 15 performances from the past five years. But it’s not coming out on a boring format like a CD or an LP or mp3 downloads. Nope, it’s being released as a, a wearable MP3 player button.

The compilation includes performances from No Age (who performed a live score to the film The Bear), Andrew W.K. (who did an improvised set), High Places, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Main Attrakionz, Eric Copeland, and more. It’s out December 10; grab it canadian drug stores cialis. Listen to an untitled track from Animal Collective’s Deakin above.

Check out the full tracklist.

Get Weird Playbutton:

01 Remote Burial: “Eclipsed”
02 High Places: “From Stardust to Sentience”
03 Gray: “Wig”
04 Lexie Mountain Boys: “(Never) Forgive”
06 Deakin: “untitled”
07 Keyboard Kid: “I’MGOD&DEVIL”
08 Damned Dogs: “Part Two”
09 Nick Zinner: “Music for Dream Machine”
10 Xeno + Oaklander: “Sets and Lights”
11 Eric Copeland: “FKD”
12 Maher Shalal Hash Baz: “A Boogie”
13 No Age: “Excerpt From The Bear
14 Kría Brekkan: “untitled”
15 Main Attrakionz: “Legion of Doom”

Watch Trash Talk perform “Birth, Plague, Die” live at the New Museum in 2011: