M.I.A. – atTENTion

dui colorado law releases a new track after being bugged by a group of fans via http://uristocrat.com/tag/coggles/, about her lack of new music. Take a listen to “atTENTion” below which features an autotune vibe as well as a sample from early 2000’s rapper Bonecrusher who screams out “Attention.”

We haven’t gotten a full length project from M.I.A. since her second mixtape, Vicki Leekx, which was released in December 2011 so this track will have to tide us over until her next album.  Her fourth studio album, recorded across the world with different collaborators, is  scheduled for  release on Mercury Records in 2013. The album has been described as an amalgamation of all her previous albums. The singer herself described Matangi  as “basically all of them together”, akin to an anthology.

M.I.A. was recently a published author as well and it was for an autobiographical book titled “M.I.A.” documenting “the five years of M.I.A. art that spans across three LPs: Arular, Kala, and Maya.”  The book contains artwork as well as a forward by friend Steve Loveridge and various essays by M.I.A.  Watch M.I.A. latest single below: