Marshall Headphones Hanwell Speaker

jacksonville dui attorneys, together with Marshall Amplification, proudly announce the Hanwell, a new speaker item now available at AC Gears, J&R, Fred Segel, Urban Outfitters online and other retailers across the United States for $800.

The Hanwell is the very first home audio product to bear Marshall’s legendary script logo. Hailing from a line of 50th anniversary products, the Hanwell moves Marshall’s heritage of big stage performance out of the arena, and into your home. Housed in a wooden cabinet and clad in black vinyl, it features an analog power switch and controls for volume, bass and treble. The fret cloth and gold logo on the front are borrowed from vintage Marshall amplifiers. The body is outlined with gold piping for a celebratory effect.

As a tribute to Marshall’s 50-year legacy, each Hanwell is branded with a numbered anniversary edition commemorative badge.

The Marshall Hanwell is also available in Europe, Japan, and