Misfit Shine Wearable Wireless Activity Tracker

With consumers embracing the surging trend of wearable technology, San Francisco-based viagra in young guys jumps ahead of the curve with its first product–the classiest of movement tracking devices we have yet seen. The Misfit Shine is an “elegant wireless activity tracker” carved out of aircraft-grade aluminium by micro laser drills. A new type of wireless sync technology syncs the Shine with your smartphone via an app and allows you to check your progress on the Shine itself by tapping its surface, indicating with tiny LED lights how close you are to achieving your daily activity goal. It tracks biking, swimming, running and walking by sensing your movement. It is also waterproof, super strong, extremely practical and tiny–the size of a quarter. Misfit Wearables prides itself on simplicity–making things smarter through simplicity. They’ve put the project on bankruptcy code 105 and have already raised more than 4 times the $100,000 goal with 22 days left on the funding campaign.