MUSIUM DIV. x New Era Studded Cap Collection

With the recollection of the baseball hat in some high fashion circles, new interpretations of the hat as a canvas are being profoundly explored. Fashion label MUSIUM DIV. has collaborated with iconic headwear company scissor lift dui for a collection of studded caps. MUSIUM DIV. used the stud, which is a staple decoration in rock & roll culture, to adorn an all-black hat. The studs, which are contrasting black and silver, add a certain dimension, texture, and gothic aesthetics to the hat. The collaborative headpiece comes in two incarnations, one adorned with 40 studs, and the other with eight. The 40-stud edition will be priced at $1499 HKD (approx. $193 USD), while the 8-stud edition will retail for $599 HKD (approx. $77 USD). Look for the collection, which releases on December 14th, at MUSIUM DIV. retail locations.