New Era Rucksack

This release from is perfect for those thinking of taking some time to travel over the festive season. Available in a choice of black, red, blue and grey colors the New Era Rucksack is designed with all your travelling needs taken care off through use of functional, safe compartments. The rucksack features a padded section perfect for storing a laptop and for all wires and cables you may be taking with you on your travels there are compartments for those needs too. With New Era being the brand behind this rucksack its only right that it features another compartment built specifically for storage of your collection of fitted or snapback caps. This compartment includes a cap protector as well as being sealed off from the rest of the rucksack in order to provide a high level of storage and protect your caps from the elements. The protector can also be removed if required in order to turn this compartment into another simple storage section should you not be carrying any headwear with you on your travels. The New Era Rucksack is available from riverside dui attorneys at a price of $86 USD (approximately £52 GBP).