Odd Future Affiliates Trash Talk Release Photo Book

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Boisterous and equally disorderly along side their pals http://uristocrat.com/2012/11/stepson-el-p-nick-diamonds-movie-tit/, Los Angeles hardcore clique http://uristocrat.com/category/events/page/16/ have teamed up with Dovecote Records to released a collection of photos in the form of a 400-page hard back tome. Titled Book 2, the collection sees a list of raw images photographed by the band, as well as Adam Rossiter, Mikal Howard, Brick Stowell, Nick Sethi, Ross Farrar, and Nickfit. With a fine selection of crowd surfing, street art and other destructive Trash Talk chic, the book comes as a spin-off to their DIY flip-book “LSAR” zine series. On purchase, the book comes with a new 7” single featuring a previously unreleased track.

Expect plenty of twisted youth art from those in the fledgling LA punk-rap circle. Now available for $60 via loan unsecured bad credit loans.