Outlier Supermarine Soft Core Jacket

fax less payday loans is back with a new jacket built to combine the best of both worlds. A thick, insulated jacket, it pairs breathable Supermarine cotton with Outlier’s Soft Core technology for superlative warmth. The jacket also features strategically placed insulation and ventilation points across the garment to provide targeted warmth or breathability where it is needed most. Warm enough to handle the harshest of climates yet stylish enough for a walk through the city, the Outlier Supermarine Soft Core Jacket will make a handsome addition to your winter wardrobe. The jacket is available now through http://uristocrat.com/2009/09/heineken-red-star-soul-tour-philadelphia-stop-with-ludacris-melanie-fiona-and-dj-jazzy-jeff/ for $789 and will ship out early January.

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