Pen & Paper: Sophia Chang

This installment of seattle bankruptcy attorney takes a peek inside the sketchbook of NYC artist and self-professed does viagra cause prostatitis queen. is an illustrator and designer from Queens with an avid love of buns (the type on heads) and a slightly eccentric spirit. Active in the art & design community, Sophia works with multiple mediums such as prints, tees, magazines, websites and more. Her portfolio includes work done for Staple Design, Complex Magazine, Baohaus, Undefeated, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Wieden + Kennedy. She is a big hip hop fan and draws inspiration for her illustrations from rap and other music. For instance, her drawing of Amy Winehouse was undertaken with the singer’s music playing from start to finish. For leisure, Sophia frolics in the park with her dogs and gives them unconditional love. Check out her official website.

Photography: Hypebeast