PROCESS: Stussy x Golden Bear of San Francisco Varsity Jacket

Rather than merely a brand, cialis express delivery australia represents a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has been widely embraced by rappers, DJs, skaters, artists and other street subcultures since the 80s. Stussy has gained great success in bringing a modern platform for fashion and cultural expression that is ever evolving with new ideas. The scrawled signature logo of founder Shawn Stussy can now be found in shops all over the world. One of their highlight garments for this season and within the company’s rich history is the Varsity Jacket, this season created in conjunction with buy cialis online without a rx of San Francisco. Founded in San Francisco in the early 1920s, Golden Bear has focused on producing timeless and functional garments starting with its Dockworker jackets. The brand has been producing the classic Varsity Jacket since the 1950’s and with over 50 years of experience making them, it has pretty much perfected it. Recognizing each other’s brand integrity and core values, it was only natural that the two would team up to produce several iterations of the Varsity Jacket that feature Stussy’s signature styling while still staying true to the roots of what Golden Bear is all about. In the latest installment of our series we show you how these special jackets get crafted, with a lot of the work still being done as it was over 50 years ago.
Photography: Hypebeast

Step 1 / Product CAD

Step 2 / Cutting of leather sleeves and trim (cut by hand)

STEP 3 / Cutting of body and lining fabrics (cut by hand)

Step 4 / Sewing of sleeve

Step 5 / Sewing of lining

Step 6 / Sewing of body

Step 7 / Sewing of patch

Step 8 / Snaps are placed on center front

Step 9 / Finished product