Riff Raff & Dame Grease – Hologram Panda (Mixtape)

There is no denying that Jody High Roller, better known as Riff Raff, has had a pretty big year. In order to conclude dos mil doce in style, the Texas native teamed with veteran hip-hop producer Dame Grease for his first full-length mixtape offering this year, bluntly titled Hologram Panda. The piece contains ten tracks and obviously Dame Grease is taking over the bulk of the production, while SK The Hit Man and Mike Jerz also contribute with their signature sounds. With his Neon Vibes collaboration as well his Mad Decent debut under Diplo’s direction on the horizon, Hologram Panda is definitely a good way to swerve into 2013. Download here.

Riff Raff & Dame Grease – Hologram Panda (Tracklist)

1.PANOMERA 911 (Prod. by Mike Jerz)
2.GOT THEM MAD (Prod. by Dame Grease
3.i CAN TELL STORiES (Prod. by Dame Grease)
5.TRAPPiN’ LiKE A FOOL (Prod. SK The Hit Man)
6.TiGER BEAR GARGOYLE (Prod. by Dame Grease)
8.WHiTE SiLK PANTS (Prod. by Dame Grease)
9.CAN WE CHiLL (Prod. by Dame Grease)
10.CHARGERS (Prod. SK The Hit Man)
11.GOiN’ HAMiLTON (Prod. by Dame Grease)
12.VERSACE LiES (Prod. by Dame Grease)