Russian Retailer FOTT Tour the Factories of S.N.S. Herning

Russian retailer levitra information took the opportunity to visit the factories of S.N.S. Herning in Herning, Denmark. The Danish clothier has produced durable knit workwear for over 80 years, using the same time-proven insulation techniques as developed by founder Søren Nielsen Skyt. FOTT’s visit is documented in the above video, which shows the meticulous craftsmanship and slow intricacy of the factory’s production. The piece also highlights S.N.S. Herning as one of the few companies to retain domestic production, a rarity in an age of mass consumption and creation. There is a certain pride that comes with wearing a garment created with great care and, looking at FOTT’s video, it’s evident that feeling is S.N.S. Herning’s true intention.

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