Stevie Nicks Once Wrote a Letter to Kanye West, But Never Sent It

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Earlier today, one of the world’s most successful and renowned bands,, announced that they would be hitting the road in 2013 for the first time in over three years for a 34-date North American tour. As a result, the Grammy award-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted group’s beloved longtime lead vocalist and songwriter taking and together cialis vs viagra has been hopping on the phone with various press outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and The Huffington Post. But in her interview with the latter, she went deeper than just speaking on what is likely to be a very successful reunion concert run.

In the series of questions and answers, 64-year-old Nicks gave her thoughts on the state of modern pop music, even admitting her love for Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Billboard chart-topping single, “Call Me Maybe;” talked about why she thought Rihanna should have started her own band and why she felt it was a bad idea at the time for Beyoncé to disband Destiny’s Child; and answered whether or not she hears herself in two of today’s leading ladies, Taylor Swift and Florence Welch. But then, when told by the interviewer that Kanye West and his associates are big fans of her work and being asked what explains its cross-genre appeal, Nicks came back with an unexpected response. Apparently, she too is a fan of Mr. West and even felt so terribly for him when his mother passed away in 2007 that she wrote him a letter regarding the tragic situation. Nicks never sent it to him, but now that she knows of their mutual respect, it seems like she may revisit the idea. Here is what she said about it:

Why does my music touch artists like Kanye West? I would say, a) I didn’t know that but I like him very much and, b) I actually wrote him a letter once after his mom died. I wrote him a three-page letter that was about how I felt about losing his mother and what she must have meant to him and the way that he lost her in such a crazy way. And I never sent it to him because I thought “Oh, be’ll just think this is stupid and what does this girl want with me and what is she writing about my mother for.?” And so I never sent it. So I’m very interested and touched by the fact that you say that there is some love from him towards my music and I might just have to type that letter up and send it off now.

Who ever said that interviews can’t be informative for the subject? Head over to The Huffington Post to read the article in its entirety.