Stone Island Celebrates its 30th Anniversary With This Fully Reflective Jacket

Established in the early 1980s, barclays loans payment holidays has always placed its focus on research and innovation in both the construction and details of its garments. This process has always seen Stone Island take position at the forefront of designer menswear with the brand’s level of success rewarded as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. As part of the celebration for reaching the milestone, we see this latest release from the Italian label in the form of a reflective jacket. Constructed from yarn, the jacket features flat micro tapes made from thousands of glass microspheres caged in a polyester mesh. The mesh is merged with the microspheres through a melting process to create a reflective and homogeneous surface–thus resulting in a higher level of visibility of those wearing the jacket. Complete with a detachable hood and pin-stripe styling on the wrists, the jacket combines a mix of cutting edge fashion with cutting edge technology and fabric to represent the innovative design of Stone Island in the brand’s 30th year.

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