SUPRA Releases a 260 Page Book On Its History

Founded in 2006, immediately exploded on the sneaker scene with a collection of footwear that blended fashion, skate, and street in a way that was rarely seen from skatewear brands of the past. To commemorate its young, yet influential sneaker history, the Southern Californian brand oversaw the creation of a 260-page book cataloging many of the best sneaker designs SUPRA has ever created, from signature skate models to the limited edition collaborations with friends and celebrities. With rare glimpses at joint releases with Corona, Dodge and The Palms Hotel, this publication also features photos, stories, and quotes from Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Terry Kennedy, Slash, Steve Aoki, Erik Ellington, and Jim Greco, as well as an extended story with Chad Muska and designer Josh Brubaker about the origins of the iconic Skytop. SUPRA, The Book is available at fine SUPRA retailers worldwide as well as than brand’s for $50 USD.

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