The Cool For Thought: America is Ill.

Twitter, well social media and the internet for that matter, is funny to me. It’s allowed us to connect with people from different cities, countries, social lifestyles, everything. It’s truly made a big world small. It’s also allowed for us to be exposed to things and people that we’d have no knowledge about. And in music, social media is everything. Think of how popular artists like Chief Keef, Trinidad James (“Da Gawd”) and ASAP Rocky have become because of their impact on social media sites and blogs. The culture moves around sites like these, and coming from someone who aspires to move the culture forward and is also a fan of it, I look to these sites as daily town criers, telling me who to look to next.

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of dope individuals from these sites. One person I linked up with off of Twitter is my man Chase B. Coming from Houston, Texas, Chase is a DJ who is heavily opinionated in the music that he listens to as well as plays. Spending time in Washington, DC and New York has allowed Chase to pick up from the East Coast musical influences as well. I can’t quite remember where or how we “met”, although I think it had to do with our mutual agreement on the social impact that French Montana’s “Pop That” has had on us this year (I still think it deserves a Grammy solely based on the effect it has on women at ANY party function), but I digress. Point is, I can say Chase is one of the best party DJs I’ve heard in a while. And I can honestly say that he created one of the best mixtapes that has come out this year. With his affiliation to music blog and the entire iLLAmerica movement, the two collaborated and released “ILLROOTS Radio, Volume 1″, an 80 minute mix complete with a mix of the hot artists of the moment (Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J, Casey Veggies and Kanye West) as well as the artists you’ll probably be listening to within the next couple of months (Trinidad James, King L, Ro Ransom, Chance The Rapper.) I think the combination of the two groups was well played, giving people what they already like as well as pointing them in the right direction as to who to look out for. I can say, I first heard “Val Venis” by King L on this tape (WOOOOOOO), and I haven’t stopped listening to it. It’s also made me interested in hearing future editions of this series, as well. One of the reasons I’ve created this section of my site is to put people onto some of the cool things I find, and the people who do them. Chase and I are going to be collaborating on a project I’m pretty excited about in the new year, so you’ll be hearing more about him on the site. So check out the stream, I’ve provided the download link and salute to the IllRoots family and Chase for putting out a quality project.


Download “IllRoots Radio Vol 1, brought to you by and OG Chase B HERE.