The Cool For Thought (Special Edition): Down Goes The Pac-Man

So if you don’t know or don’t follow me on the, this past Friday, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. In only being sedated with Nitrous and injections, I can honestly say it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. But being on the pain killers has left me free of the after effects and has thoroughly increased my sleep in the past 24 hours. I had taken a deep nap only to wake up to the news that Manny Pacquiao, the powerful Pac-Man, had lost his bout to Juan Manuel Marquez in a 6th round knockout. In typical social media fashion, news of this event spread through Twitter like wildfire, and has resulted in some of the most creative photoshop pictures ever. I’ve literally been crying the past 45 minutes, and I felt as though I should share this with you. So here you go, my Top 10 pictures of the Pacquiao knockout.

10. “Mood Music”:

Coming from, it seems as if Manny found some somber music to relax to while taking his siesta on the canvas. *Note: why’d they do J.Cole like that? My man doesn’t make “Goodnight, Moon” music.*

9. “K.O.!!!!”:

Since everything looks better in 8-bit, it seems like they wanted to take Manny back in time with this one.

8. “Sleep like a Ba…, Never Mind.”

This one is from @TheHonestLawyer, who seems to have found where Manny got his inspiration from this evening.

7. “Let Us Pray.”

You knew the Jaheim picture was coming.

6. “Maybach Noooooooooo”

LMAO. This was funny. Anything is funny with Omarion in it.

5. “There Goes The Playoffs.”

Hopefully Manny sees a return to prominence as Derrick Rose is doing now. These were both some big time drops, though.

4. “Speak Of The Devil and He Shall Appear.”

I wouldn’t necessarily call Marquez Pac-Man’s Bane, but the Pride of the Philippines sure has fallen.

3. “The People’s Knockout.”

Anything with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson setting up The Rock Bottom instantly gets Top 3.

2. “The Childhood Heroes.” (Tie)

Ok, so this one was a tie. But anytime you can put Simba and Pikachu together in a blog post just tugs at the heart strings.

1. “The Dream(ing) Team.”

As you know, I am a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. And as much as I laughed when I saw this one, I cried literally and figuratively, not just from physical pain from my incisions, but from the emotional toil that the Birds have put me through this season.

*Late Entry*

This was too good to not put in the list. I know I’m not the only person who remembers “Pokemon: Yellow” with my man Pikachu following you around. Looks like Manny stopped their progress, though.

*Bonus* – “The Knockout”

Just in case you haven’t seen it for yourself in real time, I’ve provided the knockout for you. Ouch. Come back, Pac.