The Hill-Side Old Virginia Modified Herringbone Collection

Sandy and Emil Corsillo started The Hill-Side in 2009 with the simple idea of incorporating selvage fabrics into neckties, pocket squares and other accessories. Their latest fashion foray sees the brothers partnering with retailer Hickoree’s on a project with its roots in the moonshine-producing countryside of rural Virginia. The Modified Herringbone collection is crafted by a sixth generation weaver on an old loom and continues The Hill-Side’s tradition of incorporating interesting and artisanal elements into its quirky offerings. In the Hill-Side’s own words, “We think this Old Virginia Modified Herringbone fabric is right up there with the nicest, most interesting fabrics we have ever found for The Hill-Side, and to celebrate how awesome it is we produced a short video that documents its production.” The various scarves and neckties can be purchased at Hickoree’s for between $90-$127 USD.